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Bird with its GPS...

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Ask the trees for directions, and it answers

You hear it on ancient myths – the tree of wisdom or so tree of knowledge, known for connecting heaven and the underworld. One of the two sacred trees in the Garden of Eden, described in the Book of Genesis. The forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil, which had been the instrument to the Fall of Man.

It is self-explanatory; you can define it with your own perspective and knowledge. And now, do you think its still exist? If you play the hit game Plants vs. Zombies, then you knew that it is really helpful. Giving you hints and trick of the said game but that was only in video games. How about in reality? At some point maybe, no – actually you can ask all the trees and expect that they answer you. Of one of the most important question: “Where to go?”

Trees don’t just give you shelter, produce paper for you and so much more. Those also help you navigate in the wild forest, their branches and shape could tell you the story. Just in fact that the trees are never symmetrical and are heavier on one side.

Two methods are known to decode their navigating secrets. One is, how the sun influenced the way they grew and how the wind shaped them. But you cannot get right directions only by a single tree because of competition for the sunlight. You need to find at least the biggest and baldest knowing that they grew first.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Sun spend time a lot in the southern sky – so this will be the basis of such natural navigation. The branches that usually appear heavier are those pointing at the southern sky. Because of the enough sunlight that these branches get, they look healthier for that weight it projects and usually grows horizontally. And those which seem pointing upwards are those pointing at northern side, searching for the sun.
Looking at the top branches of trees could help you too; by giving you idea on how they are combed by the wind. The wind usually blows from the southwest going to the northeast. Thus, the exposed trees often show a bend towards northeast and so, the opposite side is the southwest. Works in towns too.

Moss on trees could also tell you where’s the southern skies is. Very simple, the moss at the bottom of tree which appears dry and thinner is facing the southern. Because of the exposure to the heat of the sun, giving you a hint that the shaded are on which healthier moss is, will be probably the northern direction.

The hillside, answers for you too. Just a few words for it, the more trees that it grows are the southern skies because of the abundance of sunlight; while the lesser trees are the northern side. Direct and simple.

See, trees could actually give you knowledge that you need in the wild. Thanks them too for providing you fruits, shade and peace while you're in the wild!

Source: Natural Navigator, Dans Depot

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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Navigating Wings: Pigeons on Track

Don’t know where to go? Ask a pigeon then and you’re lucky if they could answer you. They just don’t fly because they have wings, they trip to, they look for foods, they migrating or what – they actually fly because they know where to go!

Researchers just found out that this flying traveler has cells in their brain that could interpret the Earth’s magnetic fields allowing them to locate and sense direction. The built-in GPS technology inside its brain works like an advanced compass, as these cells signals the direction, polarity, and intensity of a certain magnetic field also inclination, angle and latitude guiding them home. Believed it, they could record data too!

This capability is known as magnetoreception where in the senses are so sensitive with the presence of magnetic field and changes of it; including eyes, ears and nose. Certain receptors are located in the primary senses transmit information as electrical signals.  

Woah!  What a great moment to fly with them. And so the GPS technology that we have today is only a model of what Pigeons possessed. No doubt that they are the early messengers of the ancient days.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Funny GPS!

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